2018 Prizes and Awards

Award Category


Artist & Work Name

McCubbin Medal Award
(Best in Show) 

$2,500 Maxwell Wilks
"Utrillo On A Silver Sea"

Best Oil or Acrylic 


Gregory Smith
"Awaii Dragon, Nasturtiums"

Best Work on Paper


Ron Muller
"Australian Pastoral In Purple"

Best Oil or Acrylic up to $1,500


Gwenda McDougal
"Cherry Season"

Best Work on Paper up to $1,500 (Aquisitive)


Linda Robertson
"Figure Study 4"

Best Photographic Image 
(Susan Fenton Memorial Award)


Richard Conn
"First to Leave It"

Memorial Community Art Prize
(Victoria Police Milburn Memorial Award)


Julian Bruere
"Textural Mood"

Student Art 1st (Stoll Trust Award)


Natasha Palinic
"Love Is Stronger Than Pride"

Student Art 2nd (Stoll Trust Award)


Ilanda Tran

Student Art 3rd (Stoll Trust Award)


Ann Du

The Rotary Club reserves the right to vary the above prize list. A prize may not be awarded in a given category if the quality of the art is not perceived as being sufficient.