Prizes and Awards

Prize Category


2017 Award-winning Artists & Paintings

McCubbin Medal Award
Best in Show 

$2000 William Stanfield
Ganges Conversation
Exhibit 546 - Bay K92

Best Oil or Acrylic 

 $1000 Elena Kolotusha
Collectors Shelf
Exhibit 347 - Bay K14

Best Water Colour / Pastel

 $1000 Lorraine Lewitzka
Besalu Walls, Spain
Exhibit 363 - Bay K27

Best Painting Under $600 -
any medium


Maree Holt
Pioneer's Cottage
Exhibit 283 - Bay K24

The Emille Stoll Trust Award
(for Student Artists)


Sarah Roberts (1st prize)
Yeah - I'm Fine
Exhibit H16 - Easel

Thomas Pritchard (2nd prize)
Black Water
Exhibit H18 - Bay K138

Linda Date (3rd prize)
Now You See Me, Now You Don't
Exhibit H05 - Bay K139

Special Judge's Award


Kirsty McIntyre
Giant Apples & Green Poppies
Exhibit 412 - Bay K46

The Rotary Club reserves the right to vary the above prize list. A prize may not be awarded in a given category if the quality of the art is not perceived as being sufficient.