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Bendigo Bank

Ringwood, Boronia and Bayswater

Evening Golden Lights

Height 101cm x Width 91cm

Acrylic on Canvas Board

Genre: Landscape

© Sudha Palani

NRN# 000-39584-0141-01

Exhibit# 531

Hidden Love

Height 91cm x Width 61cm

Oil on Stretched Canvas

Genre: Humanity

© Sudha Palani

NRN# 000-39584-0146-01

Exhibit# 532


Height 76cm x Width 76cm

Acrylic on Canvas

Genre: Seascape

© Sudha Palani

NRN# 000-39584-0148-01

Exhibit# 534

Love Is In The Air

Height 41cm x Width 51cm


Genre: Seascape

© Sudha Palani

NRN# 000-39584-0152-01

Exhibit# 533