Terms and Conditions of Entry and Sale for the Whitehorse Art Show 2021

Delivery of Paintings

All paintings (submission limit of 10 artworks) are to be delivered free of charges to The Box Hill Town Hall, 1022 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill on Monday 1 November 2021, between the hours of 2pm and 7pm.

Size of Works

There are maximum sizes for exhibits at the show, and works found not to comply with these limits may be excluded from exhibition.

The maximum size for artwork is 1.2m x 1.2m – including the frame.

For the Heritage section (9×5) the visible painted surface MUST measure 9”x5”(229mm x 127mm) AND the frame size MUST NOT exceed 406mm x 305mm. Works which violate EITHER of these conditions WILL NOT be judged in the Heritage Category.

Charges, Costs, Prices, and Prizes

The Rotary Club charges a hanging fee of $15 per exhibit up to 1m per side or $25 for 1m to 1.2m on one side.
Pairs and Triptych entries are counted as one painting, and will not be split for individual sale.
The fee must accompany the entry form.  
A Sales Commission of 30% will be charged on the sale price. All prices must include GST, where applicable.

Any exhibits which are marked NOT FOR SALE are ineligible for prizes.

Prize winners will be announced at the Preview Gala Dinner held on Wed 3 November 2021, 7pm to 10.00pm.

Payments to artists will be made within 28 days from the close of the show. Direct credits will be made to the bank account shown on the entry form.


Hanging works must be soundly framed, dry and ready for hanging with a taut crosswire one-third from the top.
Multi-panel pieces are accepted as one work but overall must not exceed the size limits as a whole.

The Artist Agrees that:

All entries must remain on display until 4pm on Sunday 3 November 2021. The judge’s decision is final.

Entries are the original work of the artist, uncopied and are the unaided work of the entrant for exhibition at the Rotary Club of Box Hill's Whitehorse Art Show.

The organisers may re-produce any work for the purpose of publicity for the event.

Collection of Unsold Exhibits

All unsold works must be picked up from the Box Hill Town Hall, 1022 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill on Sunday 7 November 2021 between 5pm and 7.00pm.

NO STORAGE FACILITIES ARE AVAILABLE BEYOND SUNDAY EVENING and so it is essential exhibits are collected on time.

For any works being collected by an agent of the Artist, the agent must have a signed letter of authority from the artist, and Photo ID of the agent will be required at the time of pick-up.

Items which need your attention

The exhibitor MUST CHECK the content of the Confirmation of Exhibits email or letter, and advise any anomalies to the Organisers PRIOR TO THE START OF THE PREVIEW DINNER.

It should be noted works will be sold at the prices shown on the Confirmation of Exhibits advice. Failure by the exhibitor to notify the Organisers of any required changes by the above appointed time will absolve the Organisers from any Liability, or claim lodged by the exhibitor, or any liability to the exhibitor for any loss.

The exhibitor is responsible for any damage to works whilst they are in transit to and from the show.

It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure the organisers are advised the correct GST status of the artist, PRIOR to the commencement of the Preview Dinner.

The Organisers Advise that

They reserve the right not to award any prizes, if in the opinion of the judge no work be of a sufficient standard to meet the requirements of the award category.
They reserve the right to refuse to exhibit any work.

The organisers will send the exhibitor identification labels which are to be affixed to the back of each exhibit.

Exhibits will be insured whilst under the control of the organisers.

Craftworks, 3d works, sculptures or prints are all ineligible for entry to the art show, but Photographs are now acceptable.

For any queries, please contact us